Portugal – The guide to Madeira!

Our second to last stay in Portugal was on the beautiful island of Madeira. Madeira is off the southern coast of Portugal, so you have to fly there. For that reason, we almost didn’t go – but Ian did some research and thought it looked amazing, so we did. And I’m sooo glad we did; Madeira was definitely my favourite part of the trip. Honestly, it’s a fairy tale tropical island. We stayed there for four days, but I wish we could have stayed a lot longer.

The Ground Rules

The motto I stick to for travel is one that pays homage to the birds that fly around the world, much as I would like to: cheap cheap!

Travel for me has always been about the experience; I would rather stay in a dirt cheap hostel and spend my day walking around with the most spending money possible in my pocket, than spend my nights in an expensive hotel that deters my ability to experience where I’m visiting. That being said, I am a student; meaning that this is basically mandatory anyway.