Charity Pot

Hey everyone! Just your favourite vegan here speaking some awesome vegan knowledge. Are you gearing up for St. Patty’s?

Today I’ll tell you all about one of my favourite Lush products, charity pot. There are so many things about this hand cream that make it great – it smells lovely (and neutral, for those of you who don’t particularly like scented products), but it makes your skin amazingly soft. You hardly even need to use any – it’s a treat.

Thundersnow Bath bomb

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today I’m going to let you about …. drum roll… yet another amazing Lush product! You’re shocked, I know. I never even saw this one coming.

Anyway. You all know I love bath bombs – and what better way to relax during exam season than with an amazing smelling bath bomb? This is a bath bomb I got around Christmas time, and I’m fairly sure it was part of their Christmas season products. It’s called Thundersnow!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Hey everyone! Welcome to another vegan Wednesday! This week I’m going to tell you about my favourite scent from so far from Lush – snow fairy!
So, my roommate works at Lush and found out that I ran out of shower gel so of course she put this on her list of things to get me for Christmas. Wowow I’m so glad she did! This is such a delightful smell that I get excited about showering now!

Lush Soap

Time for more cruelty free recommendations! The other day I was feeling like treating myself (and wasting time before a bus came) so I wandered in to Lush, with the intention of buying my usual soap. While I was there, though, one of the girls working (it was my roommate, fun fact) pointed out one of their holiday items, that keeps running out of stock, that they just happened to get a shipment of that day!

I Love Juicy Lush Shampoo

Over the past year or so, I’ve been trying to transition from a mindless consumer to a thoughtful one – I want to know where things come from, how they were made, what impacts their companies have. It’s so important to me that no animals suffered so I can have my products.

This week, I’ll tell you about my shampoo, which I get from Lush (have I mentioned how much I love Lush? SO much.)