What Makes Thailand So Unique

After only a week here, I have absorbed a few things about this country that I feel make it unique to anywhere else in the world. You can see it walking through the streets of both big cities and small towns, see it in the way the locals speak to one another, in the hospitality they show us, and even in the traffic.

The Thai people are kind and calm, in both mind and body. There is no annoyance, no sarcasm, no anger. They see anger as unnecessary and poisonous. We’ve been shown so much kindness in the past few days; I feel calm here even in the busiest parts of town. It’s even evident in the traffic – although the roads are kind of crazy and lawless, they remain calm all the time and have safety in mind.

Secondly, it’s a matriarchal society. Traditionally, the oldest woman in the family is the head, and all the property goes to her. The women here carry themselves so confidently, but humbly. Watching them do their thing from day to day is really inspiring.

The other day, we stayed in Chiang Dao where we met an older man from Wales, who had been living in Chiang Mai for twenty years. After speaking for a while about these points, he said to us ‘I believe they’re the most civilized people in the world’.

I think I’m starting to agree. 🌿


If this post spoke to you about the wonders of Thailand (and maybe even living there!), have a look at this piece by the lovely writers at EverAsia.


  • i would love to go there – and I think a matriarchal society is the best – combining wisdom with nurturing …compassion, love – wonderful post.

  • I enjoyed your post, Alex. I loved every minute of the time I spent in Thailand, and it was because of its lovely people. Glad that you’ve been enjoying this special place. There is nothing like traveling!

  • That sounds like a wonderful place We have much to learn from them.

  • That is amazing! This is what’s so wonderful about traveling…learning about different cultures. It’s the best education you will ever have.

  • Wonderful insights. Any culture that is against anger and hurry is a good culture in my book. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying yourself. Seize the day. 🙂

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