Southeast Asia Packing List

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this when it’s first publicized, you’re seeing it while Ian and I are on our flight to Bangkok – woohoo!

We decided to go with backpacks instead of checked luggage this time, after AirCanada lost our luggage on our last trip to Portugal. However, seeing as we’ll be away for over a month this time around, packing everything I needed into a 40L travel bag was quite a challenge. Let me tell you what I brought, to ease your time should it come around.

Southeast Asia – One Month Packing List


You can’t bring your whole wardrobe in a backpack; but worry not! With a few compromises, your bag will have just the right amount of room for you. Assuming that you can do some laundry by hand in hostel rooms every once in a while, here’s what you should bring:

2 T-Shirts (shirts with sleeves are especially important if you’re visiting temples!)

4 Tank tops

2 Dresses

1 Skirt

2 pairs of shorts

1 pair of comfy shorts (for hiking, sleeping, etc)

1 rain jacket

7 pairs of socks and underwear (expect to wash these about once a week)

1 ball cap

2-3 bathing suits

2 light sweaters

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of comfy pants (yoga pants in my case)

A few headbands for when you’re feeling lazy with your hair

Health and Beauty

1 Lush Shampoo bar (these are said to last about 80 washes)

1 solid Lush face wash

1/2 naked Lush body gel

Your absolutely necessary makeup (remember that you’ll likely be sweating it off if you do bring it!)

1 30 SPF lip balm

1 60 SPF 100ml sun screen


1 compact travel clothes line (we have one that takes up about 1square inch of space)

1 waterproof phone sack

1 collapsable water bottle (a lot of the water here is not drinkable, and you’ll likely have to buy a lot of bottled water – I’m sorry, environment )’:

1 mini flashlight

1 travel towel (about 2×4 inches pouch)

1 money belt


1 DSLR camera, if applicable

1 phone + charger

1 tablet, to upload photos from micro SD’s (I don’t think you can do this with IPads – I have an Android tablet)

Leaves room for your daily vitamins and medications, if necessary

Other tips

In terms of reading entertainment, I download a lot of books to read on my tablet to save space. Also, I found rolling up my clothes to pack them to be the most economical in terms of space.

And that’s it folks – these are my worldly possessions for the next month! What do you make of it?


  • I hope you have a wonderful trip! Your list looks complete to me. I’m guilty of over-packing…then thinning things out, adding, subtracting…when you’re actually on the trip, you sometimes realize you don’t really need everything you brought!

    • I agree completely! The trip has been going well so far, and for once, I feel like I have everything I need but not too much!

  • That’s a pretty organized list. I’m guessing you’ll have to be doing a lot of laundry to have clothes to regularly wear!

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