1for1 Pizza

Hey guys! I’m here today to talk to you about some of my favourite Ottawa comfort food.

One of the biggest hurdles to transitioning to a vegan diet is the shift in the kinds of dishes you can eat – sometimes, some of your favourite comfort foods disappear from most menus. Chicken fingers? Nope. Soup? Usually not. Pizza? Definitely not – well, most of the time, unless you want to eat it without cheese. But who does, really?

The days of ordering a large plate of fries for dinner are coming to an end, though. I think most establishments are beginning to realize that there is a high demand for vegan options, and the first dishes to appear in most places are the classic comfort foods: burgers, poutine, … pizza.

Ottawa has a healthy number of restaurants that offer vegan pizza. I’ve already written about Pizza Pizza, but even the local, mom&pop style pizza spots are catching on. This week, I’ll talk about 1for1 pizza. (I have never understood the name of this place – I guess, you get what you pay for? I don’t know).

Anyway. 1for1 Pizza is an Ottawa chain, with the classic dishes like poutine and burgers. They just recently started making vegan pizza and I, of course, jumped to try it.

1for1 makes a really great pizza and their vegan one is no different – the dough is thick, the sauce is great, and they don’t skimp on the cheese (looking at you, Pizza Pizza).

Doesn’t that look great? And at 8$ for a small, the price is right.

What I really like about this place, though, is that it feels like a classic pizza place. You walk in and there’s a cheesy (no pun intended) little sitting area, and a game playing up on the screen.

I think the style reminds me of every pizza place in Montreal, to be honest.

Anyway – Ottawa has lots of great vegan pizza spots and I’ll be writing about more of them soon. Have you noticed any vegan pizza on your local menus? πŸ•


  • I would definitely stop in there if I ever visited. i love Pizza and would give Vegan pizza a try.

  • I’m glad you found a good vegan pizza. I never could get used to the vegan cheese when I was vegan for a year. It does look like a lot of pizza joints in Montreal! We don’t really eat out anymore, and I think hell would freeze over if someone asked for a vegan pizza in my area of the Laurentians lol…

  • That looks great and the price is good too. I want pizza now.

  • Veganism is growing and if restaurants are smart, they’ll jump on the bandwagon now and get ahead of everyone else. I would love to try vegan pizza. Maybe we can do that when I come down to see you!

    • I agree! Vegan pizza is awesome πŸ™‚ we can definitely do that.

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