Charity Pot

Hey everyone! Just your favourite vegan here speaking some awesome vegan knowledge. Are you gearing up for St. Patty’s?

Today I’ll tell you all about one of my favourite Lush products, charity pot. There are so many things about this hand cream that make it great – it smells lovely (and neutral, for those of you who don’t particularly like scented products), but it makes your skin amazingly soft. You hardly even need to use any – it’s a treat.

But here’s the best part about it – all the money you spend on charity pot goes directly to various charities that Lush supports, including human, environments environmental, and animal rights charities. Not the profits – everything! , Ah, Lush. You never fail to impress me. These guys make great gifts too ♥️

People nowadays are very interested in what their consumed companies have to say on activist topics – it’s really beginning to dictate how people shop. I’m all for companies that make strong positive stances – what do you think?


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