1for1 Pizza

Hey guys! I’m here today to talk to you about some of my favourite Ottawa comfort food.

One of the biggest hurdles to transitioning to a vegan diet is the shift in the kinds of dishes you can eat – sometimes, some of your favourite comfort foods disappear from most menus. Chicken fingers? Nope. Soup? Usually not. Pizza? Definitely not – well, most of the time, unless you want to eat it without cheese. But who does, really?

Elgin street diner

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Hey friends! Time for some more Ottawa restaurant recommendations ~~ The other night, Ian and I stopped at an absolute Ottawa classic – Elgin Street Diner.

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This is the best known diner in Ottawa, having been around since over 22 years ago. It’s open 24 hours a day, and serves breakfast all day!

Now – this place isn’t the most vegan friendly, but it is an Ottawa must-do. They do have a lovely veggie burger,which I’ve enjoyed on many occasions.



I need more pictures of this very aesthetically pleasing place – it’s like an old timey diner! They also have great coffee, and their fries are amazing.

It’s basically the perfect spot for comfort food at any time of day or night.



So – what’s your town’s best diner?

Charity Pot

Hey everyone! Just your favourite vegan here speaking some awesome vegan knowledge. Are you gearing up for St. Patty’s?

Today I’ll tell you all about one of my favourite Lush products, charity pot. There are so many things about this hand cream that make it great – it smells lovely (and neutral, for those of you who don’t particularly like scented products), but it makes your skin amazingly soft. You hardly even need to use any – it’s a treat.

Ottawa’s Best Independent Coffee

Hey guys! I’m here today to talk to you about coffee – I don’t know about you, but coffee is a treasured treat to me. Although I have heavily cut down on my consumption of it (side note: I did this because it reduced my anxiety very much. I sooo recommend this), I still love it, and have it every now and then. And since it’s so occasional, I like to get quality drinks.

My relationship with coffee started very young: coming from a Greek family, I remember my uncle giving me sips of coffee as early as age 5, and making me coffee of my own at 7. (I know this sounds completely irresponsible, but trust me, it was all done while considering my age). I don’t ever remember feeling like I actually needed it, but I loved the taste from very early. My love for it only intensified this part year, after I spent a year working at Starbucks and learning about the logistics of it.