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Hey everyone! How’s the week been?

For this post I thought I’d finally get around to writing about our trip to Toronto last month.  My band (The Monotymes) recently was asked to play a festival in Toronto at Nocturne Bar. Between driving there, eating, and leaving early for classes and work tomorrow, we didn’t have all that much time to explore the city – but that didn’t stop us from having a great time! To be honest, with my previous experiences in Toronto, I didn’t have a very strong opinion of it – but this trip, I fell in love with it a little bit. Particularly because I got to spend it with three of my favourite people!!

Just Some Road Shots…

The extent of the Toronto sightseeing was basically done from the car… in which I caught a very small glimpse of the city.

A Small (but impressive) Taste of The City

My absolute favourite part of this trip was the restaurant we had dinner at. We just happened to stumble upon it after giving up on our first option – the line was too long, and we had to be at the venue soon. So we ended up walking by this place completely by chance – The Hogtown Vegan. (Subtle, amirite?)

Bri and I are both vegan, and the other two aren’t, but I was so excited about this restaurant that there was no way we WEREN’T going in there. And oh. My. GOODNESS. I am SOOO glad we had dinner here. The food was incredible. I think I might honestly move to Toronto just for this restaurant. The most fun part about this meal was that there were four of us so I got to take pictures of and try so many things! (My biggest issue when I go out is that I want to try everything. .. I’m very indecisive. A-la-carte resturants are my absolute favourite. Can more places adopt this model, please?)

The menu had plenty of options and was very reasonanbly priced, to boot!

We started the meal with some loaded fries, which were essentially chilly cheese fries:

Everyone looooooved these. If these were put in front of me without context, there’s no way I would believe this were vegetarian, let alone vegan.

I had a philly ‘cheesesteak’:

I was so overjoyed by the menu selection that I got a second meal for the next day! A Reuben sandwich. Soooo delicious.

Bri and Andrew both had the ‘chicken’ burger, one with a side of caesar salad, and one with mac ‘n cheese.

And Adam had the taco salad:

And of course, we all had some delicious drinks to calm our nerves before the show!!

In the morning, we stopped at Aroma Espresso, across the street from Starbucks, because I thought it was a local coffee shop and not a chain. I was wrong… whoops.

I don’t have much to say about it other than it  was pretty much your average coffee shop.. I was looking for some breakfast options, and I landed on their tofu sandwich. To be honest… it sucked. I paid six dollars for half a sandwich with a tomato and unseasoned tofu on it. These are the kinds of things that give people a bad impression of vegan treats!! Sad.

Of course, the coffee and such were all good and average. Bri has a frozen coconut drinks (which was vegan by default – nice!) and it was veeeery yummy. But that’s pretty much all I have to say about this place.. probably wouldn’t go back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Venue

The Venue we visited was pretty cool! It was a Sunday night so I can’t confidently say what the vibe is usually, but it was a pretty cool place. (Keep in mind we were there hours before shows started, so it’s empty).

Our show went well, but to be quite honest, we didn’t have the best crowd. Regardless, we played a set we’re proud of, as always, and we conquered TO! And, of course, we took a shot in the Go-Go cage.

Do you have any Toronto experiences?


  • All in all a great time, wouldn’t you say? That first restaurant sounds great. I’m not surprised you found an amazing place considering the size of Toronto. I’m sure there are quite a few vegans there. Love that last photo of you four. Such a cool shot!

  • wow, love the photos of the food – i’m all about the food wherever we travel or visit – i can remember what i ate in every place I’ve been in. I have also thought I could move to a place where the food was good. I didn’t know you were in a band – very cool… Enjoyed your pics. I would love to visit Canada – any part of it ..

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