Thundersnow Bath bomb

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today I’m going to let you about …. drum roll… yet another amazing Lush product! You’re shocked, I know. I never even saw this one coming.

Anyway. You all know I love bath bombs – and what better way to relax during exam season than with an amazing smelling bath bomb? This is a bath bomb I got around Christmas time, and I’m fairly sure it was part of their Christmas season products. It’s called Thundersnow!

Are you wondering why? I’ll tell you! Thundersnow is meant to sound like a snow storm barreling through your city when it hits the water – and it does! Pop it in the water and it makes these lovely, relaxing crackling noises. And I haven’t even told you the best part yet: it smells like mint hot chocolate. Amazing?!

Look how pretty it makes your water – and this bath bomb is heavier than the average bath bomb, meaning it packs a bigger punch and give your bath all the love it deserves.

I’m pretty sure this bath bomb is what’s had me obsessed with hot chocolate lately; I found this lovely vegan mix at Farmboy and now I’m hooked, which is so strange because I didn’t even like hot chocolate as a kid. Maybe the smell of hot chocolate brings me back to this great, relaxing bath? I don’t know…

But I’m losing track of the point of this post – what I’m saying is, Thundersnow looks, sounds, and smells amazing… and even more so, it makes your skin super soft and healthy feeling. I’m recommending this guy 300%. And just one more time, I swear Lush doesn’t sponsor me – but to be honest, I wish they did, because that would be amazing. I just love them.

And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.. what’s more romantic than sharing a pretty bath that smells like chocolate? Nothing, that’s what.

Have you guys tried any bath bombs you particularly love? Tell me all about them!


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