Pure Kitchen

Hey everyone! Time for another vegan Wednesday! *imagine theme music here*

Not long ago, I had a craving (for weeks) to visit one of my favourite spots in Ottawa – Pure Kitchen. I think maybe I’ve written about Pure Kitchen before, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. Pure Kitchen is a mostly vegan / vegetarian option available restaurant on Elgin St. It was one of the very first vegan spots I tried here and I fell in love with it immediately. Their food is always delicious, and they have a constantly changing menu so there are always new things to try.

Anyway – after a few weeks of trying, I finally convinced Ian to go and we had a lovely dinner. The restaurant always has a nice ambiance:

We started off with an appetizer of General Tao poutine (how amazing does that sound?!)

Now… I know I just hyped up this restaurant, and I stand by that – but I’m about to write my very first negative review. Here goes.

The idea behind this dish is awesome and honestly everything in it was delicious – however, they added far too much sauce, and it completely ruined it by the end of. The fries were soggy and all I could taste was an abundance of sauce. I would order this again if I could ask for muuuuch less sauce.

Anyway. We continued with our entrees, for which I ordered a BLT with Caesar salad, and Ian ordered a cauliflower wing wrap with curry chickpea soup. No complaints here, they were both delicious. 🤤

‘BLT’ made with tempeh and ‘mayo’
‘Caesar’ salad with coconut bacon
Cauliflower ‘wing’ wrap with curry chickpea soup

The desserts here haven’t always been my favorite – they tend to use a crust that I’m not super into – but I decided to order one anyway.This was an almond maple tart – pretty yummy, but as I said, I’m not a pig fan of the pie crust.

So, pretty good experience overall – but I’ve had better. Regardless, I’ve been having fun trying various things on their menu. I recommend trying it! Are there any good vegetarian/vegan spots in your town? Tell me all about them!


    • They are honestly delicious! Obviously not exactly the same as their originals, but they don’t make you miss them, that’s for sure!

    • It was great! Honestly, I’ve been to Pure Kitchen many times and this is the only time I’ve been even mildly unhappy with something – so they’re still pretty high on my list. 🤗

    • It was all great! The poutine definitely didn’t ruin the meal at all.

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