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Last time I talked to you guys about the first part of our Montreal trip – the bouldering. This time I’ll talk to you about everything we did! I’ll just start by saying how excited we were for this trip – the news predicted -40 weather, aaaand we still went. It was cold. So, so cold.

After bouldering, we were obviously starving – after finding our AirBNB in the Plateau, we walked around a bit and landed on a restaurant nearby called Takumi. By the way, Le Plateau is a super cool neighborhood.

We go out for Asian food all the time, and of course that’s the first thing we stopped for in Montreal. Takumi is an a la carte restaurant, which we, of course, took full advantage of.

They had loads of vegan friendly food, and a nice ambiance as well. It was about 25$ a person (a little steep, but these places tend to be kinda pricey for dinner – I recommend only ever going for lunch, when it’s, on average, 15$). But we were starving and felt like we could eat 25$ worth of food, so we went for it! We had a lot of dishes, and the presentation was always great:

General Tao tofu!!!! Heaven.

Unfortunately I lost my wallet for the night (don’t worry, I found it later), so we stayed in on our first night there. We were both fine with it though, it had been a pretty exhausting day.

We were lucky in that our AirBNB was right by Cafe des Chats, so, of course, we stopped there for breakfast. There had lots of vegan options, and the cats were adorable! I had a soy chai latte and look at the design!! Swoon!

And of course the cats were adorable and charming.

For most of the day, we walked through downtown, hitting China Town and Old Montreal. It was ridiculously cold, but we made it bearable by stopping in odd shops, which was lots of fun too!

We walked around for hours and took in as much of it as we could – my favourite sight was the clock tower on the lake. It was closed šŸ™ but still lovely! I’ve since learned that it’s actually permanently closed, which is a shame because we really wanted to walk to the top.

On our way back home, we visited the contemporary art museum. At the time, they had half the exhibit area dedicated to Leonard Cohen, where various artists were asked to create pieces using snapshots of Leonard Cohen’s life. The pieces were, of course, very beautiful and creative.

This piece was particularly cool – every key of this organ is hooked up to various lines of poetry, triggered by pressing them. You can play them individually, or over each other polyharmonic style.

We visited the other side of the of museum as well, which was focused on the significance of light in life.

We stopped at Wow Sushi for dinner (Asian again – of course), which was right around the corner from our AirBNB, where we had sake and pho. Lovely, as usual.

The decor was very nice as well, and the food was really cheap!

After our exhausting day, we went out to ( ) for some drinks – this was my favourite kind of dive bar. They had old pinball machines, themed drinks, and (the best part) a ski ball game!!! We played so many rounds on this thing, it was ridiculous. We didn’t hang out tooo long, but the vibe here seemed really great, and it had a great ambiance. (I had a lot of fun with the games, haha).

That was the end of our last night in Montreal – in the morning, we went around the corner for breakfast to Engaufrez-Vous, a waffle house that we heard great things about. They had themed waffles and mimosas, and a really cute decor. I had a fruit waffle with their seasonal side, which they described as ‘Ratatouille-like’. Honestly, the side was particularly delicious.

Just look at this sign!!! So cute!!!

After breakfast, we went to Mount Royal to catch the view – it had been at least seven or eight years since I’d last been there, and the view was better than I remembered. It was a lovely way to end the trip.

All in all, I think we did a pretty great job of touring despite the awful cold. What’s your favourite part of Montreal?


  • What an amazing trip! Too bad about the weather but at least you made the best of it. Everything you did sounds like fun. Montreal is a great place to explore. Le Plateau is definitely a super cool neighborhood, although so much different from what it was like when I was a kid. This is the kind of place that fits you perfectly. My favourite thing about Montreal is the people I know there!

  • Thanks for the beautiful photos and tour, it’s been too long since I was there. The food looks delicious.

  • I used to live in the Plateau for years. When I was more a city girl, I did love it. My favourite area is Mount Royal, there are lots of little quiet spots you can go for hikes there. And I also love the Cote des Neiges cemetery.

    Now I avoid Montreal at all costs lol…I live 2 hours north and am officially a mountain mama! šŸ™‚

    • Haha I understand! I avoided going back to Montreal until I reached my late teens!

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