Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Hey everyone! It’s time for another vegan Wednesday!|

This week I’m going to tell you all about one of Lush’s most loved products, the Intergalactic bath bomb! (I feel like I constantly talk about Lush – I should be sponsored by them :p)I very rarely get to use these, because I don’t have a bath in my apartment – but when I go home, I stock up on them!

This is one of my favourites, because not only does it smell and feel amazing, but it melts beautifully as well.

(Here’s a fun fact about Lush bath bombs – many of them have sparkles in them, which are made out of seaweed! They used to be made out of plastic, until Lush realized the environmental impact they had – and now they made their sparkles out of seaweed! Pretty cool huh?)

Anyway – the point of intergalactic is to make your bath water look like space! Here’s what it looks like pre-bath:

Once in the water, the bath bomb will fizz and begin to roll around and melt. It’s really fun to watch – I’ve never really been into baths to be honest, but the bath bombs make it really fun.

The bath bomb will roll around and shift through the colors, making it look like various things in space – I think it looks like a star in this one.

Apart from looking really cool, the bath bomb feels very moisturizing. The sparkles also don’t stick to your skin, which is what frustrates me apart sparkly products – but even if they do, they’re completely natural, so they just melt away eventually!

Anyway – I absolutely recommend trying this, or any of their other bath bombs, because they’re super fun!

Have you ever tried any Lush, or other, bath bombs?


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