Montreal Bouldering

Hey everyone! Right before New Year’s, we were feeling like we needed a little getaway. Ian had just graduated and was about to start a real, adult job, and I was just about to start another semester of school – so we felt like we needed a break.So we hopped in a car and drove to Montreal for a few days, both to tour and to visit their awesome bouldering gyms. Since the touring and the bouldering were so different, I’ve chosen to break the trip into two posts – this week I’m going to talkj about the bouldering!

We visited two gyms while we were there – the first was Bloc Shop.

Bloc Shop

We’ve been to this gym a few times before, and I’ve loved it everytime. This gym is awesome for us because our main form of climbing is bouldering, and the whole gym is dedicated to it! The gym has over 38,000 sq. ft. of bouldering room, which makes for hours and hours of bouldering. There are a great amount of each grade of bouldering, from beginner to expert – here’s what the walls look like.

Bloc Shop was our first stop in Montreal, and we spent a few hours there. Hours of climbing tends to be exhausting, but it’s fine because Bloc Shop has a little cafe that is totally friendly to vegans! They had sandwiches and drinks that were perfectly good for me to eat, and delicious.

We spent three days there and visited gyms on the first and third day – on the third day, we visited another popular Montreal gym, Allez-Up.


Allez-Up is super popular among blogs, and I’d read about it many times. What I discovered when we got there is A) it’s more expensive that other places, possibly because of their online popularity, and B) the gym is huge, but there are only two, small bouldering walls.

I started off my climb with a pretty disappointed outlook, but I ended up having a really amazing time – even though the bouldering was restricted to two walls, there was a huge variety and enough problems to keep us busy for a few hours! There was also a great amount of diversity in difficulty at this gym.

However, I’d like to return to this gym now that I’ve completed a top-roping,  because the top-roping walls are amazing!

It also had a great training area.

So that’s it for our bouldering in Montreal this time – next week, I’ll talk about our adventures in the Plateau and Old Montreal.

Happy Saturday!


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