Pizza Pizza

Hello everyone!! The time has come for me to tell you about one of my favourite places to get vegan pizza – Pizza Pizza! I order this pizza literally all the time – and while Pizza Pizza wasn’t my favourite place for pizza beforehand, they really stepped it up and offered vegan options before a lot of other places! And their vegan pizza is also very good, not to mention they often have great deals.

And by vegan pizza, I don’t mean pizza without cheese. This time in particular I opted for spinach and tomato, which is one of my favourite combinations.

Honestly, the difference is not huge – and I absolutely recommend trying it at some point. 🙂 They also make panzerottis, which I’ve tried a few times, and are also great. There are lots of other Ottawa places that offer it vegan pizza, so I’ll definitely be writing about others.

Happy Wednesday guys!


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