Ottawa’s Best Spots

Some people say Ottawa is boring – but I’ve spent the past three years living here, and I’ve discovered that it’s a subtly bumping city! Let me tell you about my favourite areas in Ottawa.

Ottawa’s Best Spots

1. Elgin Street

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Elgin Street, originally named Biddy’s Lane, is right in Ottawa’s downtown core. Bustling with locals, this is the perfect place to hang out at any time of the day. The area features countless restaurants and cafes (including many that are friendly to vegan, gluten free, and other diets). It’s also the perfect place for a night out – the street is full of pubs and bars – and the streets are always bustling at night, so you’re bound to make friends!


2. The Byward Market

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The Byward Market is always the first place that comes up when people talk about Ottawa – and there’s a good reason! Visit in the summer, and you’ll find tons of local vendors, buskers, and a farmer’s market with the freshest produce. If you’re visiting in the winter, not to worry! You’ll still find a hub for Ottawa’s culture, with many restaurants, coffee shops, and venues to explore.

3. The Glebe

Filled with cute shops and antique stores, the Glebe is the perfect place to walk around on a sunny day. The Glebe is also home to Landsdowne, and if you’re lucky, you can catch one of the many festivals it hosts in the summer. You can also hit up cute local ice creams spots, coffee shops, and many others.

4. Bank Street

I like to refer to bank street as a mini Elgin Street. Four streets parallel to Elgin, Bank Street is filled with local pubs, restaurants, and bars – it’s another perfect place to spend a night out! Bank street is also right by the Rideau Canal – one can just walk a few blocks and admire the lovel Rideau Canal.

That’s it for my favourite spots in Ottawa – have you visited? Where’s your favourite place to go?


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