The Works

Hey all! Time for some more vegan eats!

My band mate’s birthday just went by, and so we all went to the works to celebrate – which I, of course, took as an opportunity to try out some vegan eats for you all!

Firstly we decided to start with the tower of onion rings, which was adorable – and the Works offered like a whole bunch of vegan dips, which was great!

If we’re talking about budget, the Works at lunch is super great. They offer lunch specials for 10.99, which a slightly-smaller-than-usual burger -I got an avocado veggie burger! The sauce that usually comes with it has dairy in it, so I opted for barbeque instead, and it worked great.

Aaaand it comes with a bottomless drink, and I opted for my childhood favourite: vanilla coke (well, pepsi). This is hard to find so I drank like… an unholy amount.

Anyway, I’d been meaning to try the Works’ veggie burger forever now, because I’ve heard it’s amazing – and it was super good! Do you have a favourite veggie burger?


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