Hey everyone! How’s it going ?

Last time I talked to you guys about the first part of our Montreal trip – the bouldering. This time I’ll talk to you about everything we did! I’ll just start by saying how excited we were for this trip – the news predicted -40 weather, aaaand we still went. It was cold. So, so cold.

Pizza Pizza

Hello everyone!! The time has come for me to tell you about one of my favourite places to get vegan pizza – Pizza Pizza! I order this pizza literally all the time – and while Pizza Pizza wasn’t my favourite place for pizza beforehand, they really stepped it up and offered vegan options before a lot of other places! And their vegan pizza is also very good, not to mention they often have great deals.

The Works

Hey all! Time for some more vegan eats!

My band mate’s birthday just went by, and so we all went to the works to celebrate – which I, of course, took as an opportunity to try out some vegan eats for you all!

Firstly we decided to start with the tower of onion rings, which was adorable – and the Works offered like a whole bunch of vegan dips, which was great!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Hey everyone! Welcome to another vegan Wednesday! This week I’m going to tell you about my favourite scent from so far from Lush – snow fairy!
So, my roommate works at Lush and found out that I ran out of shower gel so of course she put this on her list of things to get me for Christmas. Wowow I’m so glad she did! This is such a delightful smell that I get excited about showering now!