Niagara Falls – Glen Nature Reserve

Hello hello! How is everyone doing? Today, I’ll be telling you all about part of our trip to Niagara Falls. I decided to split the trip into two posts, to cover our time in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, and downtown Niagara, since they’re so different!

So this week, we’ll start with the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve! I’ve been to Niagara Falls my fair share of times, but I’d never heard of this place until we visited it for bouldering. And wowoow I’m so glad to have finally found it, because look at this spectacular view!! I had no idea there were such beautiful places so closeby!

Anyhow – even though it was pretty late fall, we had amazing weather, and dry as well, which made for good bouldering!

We spent a good two or three days hanging around the area, and it has a ton of opportunity for bouldering, from beginner (ish), to expert! The routes are very easy to find too, with easy routes. To boulder, you have to purchase a 20$ pass from the visitor’s center, which also covers parking – it’s valid for a whole year!

Since we spent a few days there, we had a chance to explore most of the areas – The Central area, Wonderland, Old Country, and Land of Oz.

The falls is a beautiful time in the forest –

Here are some photos from the first spots we visited.

On the way, we ran into a friend! The Glen is an extremely popular spot for bouldering, and we ran into lots of other boulderers along our routes.

And afterwards, we hung out in Land of Oz for a while.

The one below is called the Running Man, affectionately named the Birth Canal (without a need to explain).

And this one is on the East end of the forest.

To end off the weekend, we moved down to the south end of forest, right near the river’s edge -Ian climbed this highball boulder, and scared me to death!!!

On our way back, we walked along the river – and the view was stunning.

Our time in the Glen was short but amazing – and we’ll definitely be going back next year!


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