Lush Soap

Time for more cruelty free recommendations! The other day I was feeling like treating myself (and wasting time before a bus came) so I wandered in to Lush, with the intention of buying my usual soap. While I was there, though, one of the girls working (it was my roommate, fun fact) pointed out one of their holiday items, that keeps running out of stock, that they just happened to get a shipment of that day! Tell me this isn’t the most adorable and inviting soap you’ve ever seen.

It’s supposedly supposed to smell like pear, but I find it smells just like Hubba Bubba – there’s been some disagreement over this between my roommates and I, so if you try this, do let me know what it smells like to you.

I used it for the first time yesterday, and it was soooo lovely! It rubs on kind of a bronze, sparkly tint, but it washes away easily, with no residue, and leaves you feeling soft and smelling nice. It also has a scrub factor, since it has some harder, sandier bits in it.

Overall, I love this soap and will probably buy it again at some point – and it looks adorable too! What are you favorite scents for soap?


  • That looks so cute! I love Lush. Period. Every time I walk into that store, it smells wonderful. I’m down to my last bar of soap from there and I should visit at some point and get more. Or I’ll just order online. I didn’t know your roommate works there. Does she get a discount?

    • She does get a discount! And because of that she owns about a million lush products now, she can’t stop haha.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to get one for my girls♥

  • Oooh I LOVE Hubba Bubba lol…but my teeth no longer do! That soap does look lovely, what a treat. I have a very fond memory of an apricot smelling soap. When I was 15, I went to a rather posh private high school, and one of our class trips was to Paris. Geez, I remember class trips to Parc Safari, but that school wanted to go to France! For some odd reason, my parents found money to ship us off for a week. I brought the apricot soap with me and it always reminds me of Paris now. Scents really do stick in your memory!

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