Vegan Spot Wednesdays!

Last week, Ian and I finally decided to visit a restaurant we kept walking by and looking into – Pihro, on Elgin Street. Pihro is self-labelled as Greek and Mediterranean food (with gluten free and vegan options). I was super stoked about this place because one of my favourite pre-vegan foods was pitas! (I’m still dedicated to making vegan tzatziki. It’s HAPPENING.)

So we stopped in and looked at the menu – and the staff is suuuper nice! We both decided on pitas, but they have other stuff on their menu that sounds awesome, like rice bowls! Here’s what the inside looks like:

And the menu:

We also got some unsweetened fruity black tea, which was awesome.

I ordered a pita with zuchini cakes, veggies, harissa, and tahini tauce. It was soooo good. Here’s what the meal looked like:

And my favourite part was that they don’t even have a garbage! They have an area dedicated to recycling and compost.

The food was very good and we’ll definitely be going back soon.


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