Portugal – the guide to Lisbon & Cascais

Welcome to the very last Portugal post! It’s been very fun and I’m sad that it’s ending, but I’m glad that the complete guide for our trip is now up!

So for our last few days in Portugal, we flew back to Lisbon and spent three nights there. Once we landed, we took the metro to our AirBNB, and let me just say, Lisbon’s public transport system is wonderful! I’ll be talking about it more later.

Lush Soap

Time for more cruelty free recommendations! The other day I was feeling like treating myself (and wasting time before a bus came) so I wandered in to Lush, with the intention of buying my usual soap. While I was there, though, one of the girls working (it was my roommate, fun fact) pointed out one of their holiday items, that keeps running out of stock, that they just happened to get a shipment of that day!

Vegan Spot Wednesdays!

Last week, Ian and I finally decided to visit a restaurant we kept walking by and looking into – Pihro, on Elgin Street. Pihro is self-labelled as Greek and Mediterranean food (with gluten free and vegan options). I was super stoked about this place because one of my favourite pre-vegan foods was pitas! (I’m still dedicated to making vegan tzatziki. It’s HAPPENING.)

Portugal – The guide to Madeira!

Our second to last stay in Portugal was on the beautiful island of Madeira. Madeira is off the southern coast of Portugal, so you have to fly there. For that reason, we almost didn’t go – but Ian did some research and thought it looked amazing, so we did. And I’m sooo glad we did; Madeira was definitely my favourite part of the trip. Honestly, it’s a fairy tale tropical island. We stayed there for four days, but I wish we could have stayed a lot longer.