Saje Natural Wellness

Welcome back to another vegan Wednesday – this week, we’ll be focusing on a vegan, cruelty free product! There’s a company that I’ve discovered recently that is  quickly working its way to the top of my favourite company list – Saje Natural Wellness.I own a few products from this company, and this week I’ll be talking about my revitalizing energy roller.

I know you’re thinking: huh? The energy roller is a cylinder that contains essential oils. This one in particular has citrus, rosemary, peppermint, bergamot, and basil. So to use the roller, you can roll in behind your ears, on your forehead, on your neck, wherever you want really around you nose, and it gives you energy! You can also drop out some of the oils into anything you choose. Honestly, I love this product – I’ve used it to wake up at work, in class, when I’m feeling agitated, and even to relieve headaches! (as you can see, it has been used very much). And even better, it smells amaaazing. It works on a lot of different levels, and Saje offers a huge variety of them, so you can pick your favourite!

Do you enjoy any natural wellness products?


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