Vegan spot Wednesdays!

Cafe Nostalgica

Just a few days ago, Ian and I stopped by University of Ottawa campus’s Nostalgica Cafe. I’ve visited this restaurant many times and loved it every time; their menu is amazingly accommodating, offering a ton of gluten free and vegan options. My favourite part is that it’s about ten steps from my work.

Here’s what their menu looks like:

And here’s what the cozy inside looks like:

I ordered  the poutine and we shared Nachos as an appetizer;  (yes, all vegan – crazy, right?!) I planned on having the cheesecake for dessert because it sounded amazing, but this was already too much food, so I figured I should save my money and come back another time.  🙁

Here’s what the two courses looked like:

It’s hard to believe these dishes are completely vegan, but they are! They were huge and delicious!  I’m always beyond happy when I go to Nostalgica, and this time was no different.  In the past, I’ve tried their chai latte, burritos, and lasagna, among others, all of which have been great. I’ll definitely be posting more about this place in the future.

What kind of vegan dishes do you want to hear about?


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