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I have tried a lot of foundations in my life. And since becoming vegan, I’ve tried even more – and I’ve been happy with all of them, more or less. But not 100%, until recently.

I used to avoid liquid concealers like the plague – to be honest, I think it’s because I opted for a pretty terrible one at 13 years old that would leave dry smudges wherever you applied it, and I’d been convinced since then that it was my skin that caused it (spoiler: it was the foundation).  But one of my favourite brands, Urban Decay, has liquid foundations with amazing reviews – so I decided to try it.

This foundation cost something like 40$ (this is my threshold for foundation price by the way, I’d never pay more that 50$ tax all in). I was worried that it wouldn’t last too long since it was liquid, but it has surpassed my expectations! I’ve had it since June, and I believe I’m about halfway through (but it’s hard to say, since I can’t actually see into the bottle).

It applies beautifully and evenly, and leaves my skin feeling smooth (and NEVER oily – that was another beef I had with previous foundations). And, of course,  it’s vegan and cruelty-free – very important to me, as well all know.


Do you have any favourite vegan, cruelty-free beauty products?

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