Portugal; the pictures – Aveiro and Porto

On the way to Porto, Ian and I decided to stop at a town called Aveiro; boasting a beautiful canal right down the middle, some call it Portugal’s Venice. We weren’t sure we would stop in Aveiro, but I’m very glad we did.

After exploring Aveiro, we continued on to Porto, Portugal’s second biggest city.

Stay tuned for the information posts on these two lovely places!

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  1. Beautiful photos. What a nice area to visit. I’m a HUGE fan of Port. I used to work at a bar in Montreal that had a specific “port” menu and I remember sampling all of them lol…the white ports though…a little too sweet for me! But there is nothing like a red port with a nice strong cheese.

  2. i have to remember you have this blog and make it a regular place to stop on blog visiting. I love your photos! I google different countries and especially sea port villages, and historical areas all the time. I am armchair traveler I guess. I don’t often get out of California. I enjoyed your post. Your adventures look great.

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