Vegan Spots – Little Jo Berry’s

Ottawa is an amazing place for vegan cuisine! One of my favourites is a spot on Wellington St. W, ‘Little Jo Berry’s’.

It’s a cute little cafe, that is always rotating through new menu items – all of the food is vegan, and just some of the features have been peanut butter brownies, pizza, pumpkin ice cream, and smores’ bars!

The menu…
…and the items! So many!

When we went the other day, there were four of us – so we tried a variety of items!


They were all delicious!

The cafe’s environment is also lovely and warm – I would probably go there to study, even.

If you love pastries and are having trouble finding your favourites – Little Jo Berry’s will probably have them at some point! You can even follow them on instagram and see their latest creations.

In Summary

Price: $

Quality: +++++

What are you favourite local spots?


  • If I could get food like that all the time, I would go vegan.

  • That pumpkin ice cream looks really good! We have a favourite spot up here in the Laurentians. It’s call Patate Marco and they have the most wonderful poutine you’ve ever eaten. We try to limit ourselves to once a month though or we wouldn’t fit into our clothes!

    • 😍😍 that sounds lovely! There are some local spots here that have vegan poutine as well and I couldn’t be more thankful for them!

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