Recently, we took a weekend trip to Montreal, and it was lovely. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Montreal, for one key reason: I grew up there. But I only stayed until age 12.

I believe strongly that Montreal is only fun if you’re a young adult. If you’re a child, it’s just a big, dirty city. People are rude, drives are long, everyone is always aggravated. I hated Montreal. That is, until I went back! Now, most of my family lives there, so obviously I’ve been back, technically, a lot of times… But recently, I went back with my friends. It was a different experience altogether.

We were only there for one night, but we managed to do a lot.

To start off, (after I begged) we visited Le Cafe des Chats. I’m not sure about you, but I’m both a cat lover and a coffee lover, so cat cafes are essentially paradise for me.

The cats are clearly treated nicely; they have a private area they can retreat to if they don’t feel like interacting with the visitors! Otherwise, they’re free to roam around and hang out as they please. Also, all the cats are adopted from the SPCA – hooray, rescues!

The cafe is also very vegan friendly – I treated myself to a soy chai latte, and a brownie off their vegan pastry section. *heart eyes* Additionally, all their coffee and tea is fair-trade – so that’s another plus in my book!

This is also where Ian found out I’d never played Uno before, so we had a pretty intense game of that from their selection of board games.

After we’d satisfied my cat obsession, it was already pretty late. We met up with our friends and decided from a long list of interesting bars where to go that night – and we decided on Bar Big in Japan. 

While a little pricier, this is definitely one of the more interesting bars I’ve been to. the entrance is easy to miss -it’s just this little door you have to knock on , and the bouncer peers out and lets you in. Sadly, this is the night my phone broke so I didn’t get any pictures – but it’s worth telling you about! I did get one picture outside the bar


Once you get inside, the ambiance is dark with candle lighting – and the bar staff is clearly very versed in the art of mixology.

The next day, we of course satisfied our climber itch and went to Blocshop. If you are into bouldering and visit Montreal, I would absolutely recommend Blocshop. Sinnce the first time I went they’ve opened a second gym, but I find the first one to be much better.

It’s a great gym –  it’s s plenty roomy, so you don’t have to worry constantly about being in someone’s way. It’s also packed with awesome routes with lovely holds and volumes everywhere.

Anywho, we’ll be going back very soon to visit the area and of course the climbing gyms. Have you been to Montreal? How did you like it?


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