Portugal – The Pictures; Coimbra & Obidos

Portugal was a big trip, so I’ve decided to split up the posts into a few: this one will focus on our first stop – Coimbra, with Obidos en route! Coming soon: the informative post about these two lovely areas!

The pictures from Obidos, a charming little town surrounded by castle walls.

Next we headed to Coimbra, the once capital city of Portugal, now a lovely University town…


  • Hi Alex,

    Ah yes, I’m also visiting thanks to your mother making mention of your blog. Delighted to visit and very nice.

    Portugal is one of my favourite countries and you have captured the very essence of that wondrous land.

    I shall subscribe by email so I’m aware of when you post.

    All the best,

    Gary 😃

    • Thanks Gary! I’m glad you like the post – I’ll be posting much much more about Portugal 🙂

  • Hi, Alex! I hopped over from your Mom’s blog. Portugal is a place I would like to visit, so I enjoyed your photos a lot! I had to laugh at the one of you patting a kitty and ignoring an old church. I know from your mother that cats are loved by your family! I’m glad that you are getting out and seeing as much of the world as you can, near and far. I have the travel bug too. Wishing you many happy trails in your future!

    • Thanks for visiting! Portugal was lovely and I would definitely recommend it – I have a lot more info and pictures coming up from the trip, so I hope you find something that helps you plan your next trip! 🙂

  • Your mom sent me over. 😁

    I have barely traveled at all so I am looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks for visiting! I hope you find someplace on here that you’re interested by! 🙂

  • Hi … just came over from your Mum’s blog.
    Liking what I’ve seen, lovely pictures and interesting reading.

    Take Care and have a brilliant October.

    All the best Jan

  • Your mom sent me, so if you think I’m obnoxious, blame her. I love your photos. My daughter travels a lot, too.

    Janie Junebug

    • Thank you so much! I don’t at all, I appreciate it ☺️

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