Vegan spots – Cafe My House

The other day, Ian and I stopped by Cafe My House for Breakfast – it turned out to be a lovely little place!

The restaurant is located in Hintonburg, and their menu is all vegan. You can either go for brunch (which is what we did) from 10:30 to 2:30 on weekends, or you can stop by for dinner from 5:30pm to 10:30.

The ambiance is very cozy, which was nice for a hungover Saturday morning (sorry mom).

Portugal – The Pictures; Coimbra & Obidos

Portugal was a big trip, so I’ve decided to split up the posts into a few: this one will focus on our first stop – Coimbra, with Obidos en route! Coming soon: the informative post about these two lovely areas!

The pictures from Obidos, a charming little town surrounded by castle walls.


Here’s my biggest problem, and it comes with a few elements:

  • I LOVE travelling
  • I’m a student with a job, a boyfriend, a cat, friends, family, a blog, and almost no free time
  • I’m antSY as heck to get go on as many adventures as possible

Here’s the issue: I can’t go all year… I have school four days a week and a job, and a cat, and everything I just mentioned. Here’s what I can do: take small roadtrips to keep my inner travel demon at bay. And that’s not to say our roadtrips aren’t fun; because they are! So much! They’re just shorter sadly 🙁

The Ground Rules

The motto I stick to for travel is one that pays homage to the birds that fly around the world, much as I would like to: cheap cheap!

Travel for me has always been about the experience; I would rather stay in a dirt cheap hostel and spend my day walking around with the most spending money possible in my pocket, than spend my nights in an expensive hotel that deters my ability to experience where I’m visiting. That being said, I am a student; meaning that this is basically mandatory anyway.